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Standard and not standard in English?

Answer . Standard English in the United States has been established by the Modern Langauge Association (MLA). There are two broad types of Non-Stardard English: dialectical (MORE)
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What are ISO standards?

It's a standard set for companies to do better in their business, quality, and service developed by the ISO or International Organization for Standardization. There are over 1 (MORE)
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What is Voluntary standard?

A voluntary standard is a standard established generally by aprivate-sector body and that is available for use by any person ororganization, private or government. The term in (MORE)
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What is a standard?

A standard can mean many things. In mathematics, the standard unit of length measurement in the metric system is the metre. In weight, the standard is the kilogramme. Basicall (MORE)
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What is standard?

Standard is nothing but collection of defined criteria's to assesproduct ,service or system Standard is a level of quality. This isimportant when having a business.
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What does standard and non-standard mean?

Standard components is a food technology term, when manufacturers buy in a standard component they would use a pre-made product in the production of their food. They help prod (MORE)
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What is the 1080 standard?

1080 is the number of vertical scanning lines on the 1080i and 1080p High Definition Video modes.
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What are standard module?

RIMM: Rambhous Inline Memory Module . SIMM: Single Inline Memory Module . DIMM: Dual Inline Memory Module . DDRDIMM: Dual Data Rate Dual Inline Memory Module
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What is standard and non standard measurements?

A standard form of measurement is one where there is widespreadagreement as to its value. A non-standard measurement is one whichmakes sense to only a small number of people. (MORE)