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What are the USDA standards on organic foods?

  The standards are no synthetic pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, no non-medicinal antibiotics, no growth promoting hormones. Animals are fed organic feed. The farmer (MORE)

How businesses and nonprofit organizations can raise the standard of living for all?

Profit is what you can obtain if you take  risk, the more risk you take the higher your potential profit  margin. For example, there is high risk in making a new type of  a (MORE)

What is living standard?

A living standard is a degree of living. A level based on money,  comfort, necessities, all working together to sustain daily life.

What are ISO standards?

It's a standard set for companies to do better in their business, quality, and service developed by the ISO or International Organization for Standardization. There are over 1 (MORE)

What is bracketing standard?

bracketting standard is the standard injections loaded after gaps while running any sample on HPLC to check consistency. The RSD calculated should not be more than 2 %. jyoti (MORE)

What are attainable standards?

These are set at levels which it is considered are capable of being attained with reasonable effort. Example work force, ideal condition of the environment, rest period, produ (MORE)