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What does USE stand for?

It could mean:   Ultrasonic Scanning Equipment   Unconditionally Stable Extended   Undergraduate Study Education Program (NASA)   Underground Service Entrance (MORE)

What does MBBs stand for?

The acronym MBBs stands for Bachelor of Medicine degree andBachelor of Surgery degree. This is the way that the United Kingdomand other countries recognize doctors, unlike the (MORE)

What does kva stand for?

kVA - Kilo Volt Ampere The calculation used to find kVA is P=I x E Where P is Power in Watts (W) I is the current in Amperes (A), and E is applied voltage in Volts (V) The r (MORE)

What does .in stand for?

Whatever you type while browsing internet, like "" "" "" all these are called domains. There are mainly two types of domains (not depend on the n (MORE)

What is judicial standing?

The concept of judicial standing, often called just "standing" or "locus standi," refers to the right of a litigant to bring suit. Standing is a prerequisite in order to bri (MORE)
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Why do you take a stand?

you take a stand for what you believe in and not be offended about something

What does wht stand for?

Wht is withholding tax, income tax withheld from employees' wages  and paid directly to the government by the employer. It could also  refer to the William Herschel Telescop (MORE)

What does stand by stand for in reference to computers?

It means "wait". The connection or the computer may be reformatting itself. Interestingly, the expression comes from amateur (ham) radio, when operators would "stand by" or wa (MORE)

What does AT stand for?

At stands for a place you have been to. "We've been at the water park." Without a contexts this is difficult to answer. In computing AT stands for multiple things but proba (MORE)