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What is Stanfords mascot?

Stanford's "mascot" is the color Cardinal. The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band's (LSJUMB) mascot is the tree. Each individual selected by the band to be tree (MORE)

How do you get into Stanford University?

First of all, there is no magic formula that can guarantee your  admission to a school like Stanford. The admissions office receives  applications from the absolute best stu (MORE)

How do you get into Stanford?

You must get at least 220 credits and good grades and a good GPA and work your community hours. In order to get into Stanford you need great grades, test scores, extra-curri (MORE)

Who is leland Stanford?

Leland Stanford was a politician, industrialist and tycoon. He was  also the founder of Stanford University. He was the US Senator of  California from March 4, 1885 â?? Jun (MORE)

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