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Adaptations in the chaparral?

One way in which the chaparral fauna have adapted is by requiring  little water. They have adapted to being nocturnal creatures and  have adapted to living conditions that a (MORE)
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Where is the Chaparral located?

  . It is located on the western coasts of North and South America, areas around the Mediterranean Sea, South Africa, and Australia. In California, the biome can be found (MORE)

How do you get into Stanford?

You must get at least 220 credits and good grades and a good GPA and work your community hours. In order to get into Stanford you need great grades, test scores, extra-curri (MORE)

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What is chaparral understory?

Chaparral is a term applied to a native plant community that historically has covered a large part of California. These woody plants, typically shrubs or small trees, are drou (MORE)

What does Chaparral mean?

Chaparral refers to a type of ecosystem/biome. They are dominated by dense, spiny, evergreen shrubs. They are midlatitude coastal areas with mild, rainy winters and long, hot, (MORE)