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What happened on August 2 1776?

The "Official" Declaration of Independence was Signed   The Congress met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and they appointed a committee (a group of people working together (MORE)

What is awe?

Awe is a state of amazement, usually with a hint of envy or jealousy. In the game context, it means the amazing Guardian-only blade with the Power Word Die ability, and its po (MORE)

What country was attacked and overrun by Iraq on August 2 1990?

Kuwait, to Iraq's southwest, was conquered by Iraq in 1990. Kuwait was invaded in 1990 by Iraq who claimed they had been stealing oil by drilling diagonally under the ground (MORE)

Which one is better between call of duty 4 and ghost recon aw 2?

  Call of Duty 4 is 10x's more popular, so you can play with more people. GRAW2 has lost all popularity thus nobody plays, so it is very hard to join a match. As far as ga (MORE)

Is aweness a word?

  No.   -ness is a suffix that can be added to adjectives to create an abstract noun meaning the quality or state expressed by that adjective.   For example, crazy i (MORE)

What is aws d1.1?

AWS D1.1 is the American Welding Society structural welding code for carbon steel of 1/8 inch or greater thickness.

What celebrities were born on August 2?

Celebrities born on August 2 include:   Edward Furlong (actor) - born 1977   Sam Worthington (actor) - born 1976   Mary Louise Parker (actress) - born 1964   V (MORE)