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Who is firpo carr?

Firpo (Wycoff) Carr is one Jehovah's Witnesses, who is living in Los Angles, California. He well-known as a Biblical scholar and translator, commentarty, author, and columist (MORE)

What does a star on a house represent?

Trendiness. It's just popular with people who like country/colonial styles.   Answer:   In many superstitious societies stars on barns were used as a "hex sign" to keep (MORE)
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What is mcmaster carr?

It is a company selling maintenance, repair and operations supplies. It is specialized in next-day delivery.It sells over 480 000 products that you can see in its catalog.
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What do metal stars on houses mean?

  I myself am trying to get this question answered as I have just moved to PA and the house I'm currently living in has one of these stars. So far through my research I've (MORE)