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Did Charmian Carr appear on Bonanza?

In season 10, 1968-69, episode 308 "The Passing Of A King" Diana Muldaur appears and looks very similar to Charmian Carr. The Passing Of A King Aired: October 13, 1968 Writ (MORE)

Who is firpo carr?

Firpo (Wycoff) Carr is one Jehovah's Witnesses, who is living in Los Angles, California. He well-known as a Biblical scholar and translator, commentarty, author, and columist (MORE)

Is Alan carr related to jimmy carr?

No they are not related, However they do joke about on TV saying they are.
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Why is Emily carr important for Canada?

Emily Carr is importan figure in canadian art history.she is the first women artist in canada. people celebrate her as one of canada's most loved and admired female artist
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How old is Charmian Carr?

Charmian Carr (from The Sound of Music) was 73 years old when she died on September 17, 2016 (birthdate: December 27, 1942).
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