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What does A stand for in Star Trek crest?

It isn't the letter "A", although it can look like it in some renderings. During production of the original series, the producers came up with the idea that each star ship w (MORE)

Which extra was on the most Star Treks?

You could probably consider Majel Barrett for this category. She was married to Gene Roddenberry and in his first pilot for the original series, she played the female first of (MORE)

Is Star Wars better than Star Trek?

Star Wars is a massive moralizing universe that plays fast and  loose with reality.   Star Trek attempts to provide a sliver of justification to their  reality-violating (MORE)

Who was the Star Trek Dr?

Each of the series in the Star Trek franchise has a medical doctor character: Star Trek (the Original Series) has Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy, played by DeForest Kelley. In the (MORE)

What is the Star Trek greeting called?

Star Trek represents The Federation of Planets, where there are over 150 planets and many different species of both humanoid and non-humanoid. There are also unexplored areas (MORE)

Where is the holodeck in Star Trek Online?

"Holodeck" is the nickname for the main shard of servers for Star  Trek Online, of which the gameplay is live and no beta updates are  included.   The holodeck is also a (MORE)