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Costumes in Star Wars The Force Unleashed?

  You get the costumes automatically as you go through the levels. To get the ceremonial robes, when at the last part of the death star choose to kill the emperor rather t (MORE)

Who is the commander in star wars clone wars?

Well there are many but I'll assume that you mean clones and I'll  dumb it down. The orange one is Commander Cody who serves under  Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Fox is the red (MORE)

Who is the best Star Wars commander?

The best is the one who trained them,the legendary alpha-17,then theres fordo,then rex and Cody. there are more than 100 clone comanders, but only few are known.the ones that (MORE)

In Star Wars what is the sith chain of command?

It depends on which Sith Order you're talking about. The most predominant Sith Order is the Rule of Two where there is only two Siths: just a Master and an apprentice, one to (MORE)

Who is the best clone commander in Star Wars clone wars?

Commander Cody is the best because he commands some of the smartest  and most skilled clone troopers, he's an expert with a DC-15A  blaster rifle, he serves under Obi Wan Ke (MORE)