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What is a sentence with the word stardom?

Carla's mom told her that stardom awaits those with extraordinarytalent and drive. Words that can be used in place of stardom areacclaim, celebrity, recognition, and distincti ( Full Answer )
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The word stardom in a sentence?

David had come close to getting the lead in several movies, but still that chance for stardom eluded him.
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How do you use stardom in a sentence?

If you are in the entertainment business, stardom may not be a blessing because you loose your privacy.
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When did The Beatles get stardom?

The Beatles were very famous in Liverpool in 1962. They became well known in the rest of the UK following a national TV appearance in January 1963 (the bad weather meant that ( Full Answer )
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When did Lady Gaga reach stardom?

She was writing song for other sings then she got her big break when her first single came out. You saw her first at the USA miss America.
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Where is the red carpet in stardom?

If you are pying a-list its in Downtown! Inside the locked theatrebut if your playing hollywood Im not sure where it is! Hope youfind this helpful