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Why was stargate sg1 cancelled?

Officially, because SGA (stargate Atlantis) was doing so well and they did not want to drag on a repeated series. UN officially, all of the main character's were moving on to (MORE)

How many actual Stargates are there in the Stargate Universe?

There are 39 symbols on the stargate (one being the point of origin) and you cant enter the same symbol twice, so the sum is 38*37*36*35*34*33 which is 1,987,690,320 possible (MORE)

What is a stargate?

A stargate is a fictional device that allows one to travel through a wormhole to distant locations. By the distant locations, it is to another planet and even another galaxy. (MORE)

How does Stargate SG-1 end?

Last episode name of tenth season was 10x20 Unending.      Story plot: Asgard decide to share knowledge with humans because  they are about to make a mass-suicid (MORE)

What is the Stargate episode where there is a flat stargate?

There are several instances where the stargate is horizontal instead of vertical but the gate itself is the same. There are only 4 types of stargates known: the Milky Way gate (MORE)

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