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How do you die from starvation?

The cause of starvation is you do not get enough nutrients and energy for the heart to pump blood and you die from a Coma, Digestive Diseases , and Diabetes Mellitus t ( Full Answer )
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What is starvation?

Starvation is a very serious form of malnutrition characterized by a deficiency in nutrients, vitamins, and energy. People can experience this as a result of food deprivation ( Full Answer )
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What does starvation do to the body?

Your body feeds on your fat which does not mean you lose weight it's your hunger that feed off your fat enzymes in your body.
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What is starvations?

Starvation is what happens to the body when it does not have enough food or nutrients to survive properly. It often results in weight loss and health problems involving the ( Full Answer )
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Why is starvation occurring?

It is occurring because, people in poor country's cant afford resources because they don't have any money because there crops wouldn't grow.
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What are starvation rations?

umm i think it is for when you run out of food and really need rations you would get it from there.
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How serious is starvation?

Starvation is VERY serious. It can cause dangerous health side effects and health porblems. It can lead to malnourishment and degenerative conditions to the body. Starvation c ( Full Answer )
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What is the prognosis for starvation?

People can recover from severe degrees of starvation to a normal stature and function. Children, however, may suffer from permanent mental retardation or growth defects if the ( Full Answer )
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Where does starvation occur?

Starvation can occur in any place that does not have or cannotproduce (or procure) enough food to support the population