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Word for stash?

\n. \n Stash is to be very fast or superstitious in a way. \n. \nHidden or safekeeping

What rhymes with stash?

1 syllable : asch, asche, ash , ashe, basch, bash , brasch, brash, cache , cash , clash , crash , dasch, dash , flasch, flash , frasch, gash , gnash, guasch, hasc (MORE)
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What is a stash pocket?

it is a small pocket inside a larger pocket on your trousers or shorts or and other items you wear on your bottom half.
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Where is the hidden stash on halo reach?

First start Pillar of Autumn on rally point bravo. When you start on the walkway go down the left staircase and take a left to the armory of weapons. Without going in there go (MORE)
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Can stashing be an adverb?

Not by itself, but as part of a participial phrase, it may be. An example would be "He was caught stashing his drugs in his friend's car."
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Is money stashed in belly buttons?

yes it is i keep my change in mine so when i pick it i have money instead of lint! :) I mean men are supposed too