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What are the Idaho state auto inspection requirements?

Idaho does not have a statewide auto inspection requirement. However, some counties in Idaho have an emissions test requirement, namely Ada and Canyon counties (Boise and Namp (MORE)

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If a 1993 Silverado did not pass state inspection due to high hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide should the EGR valve and oxygen sensors be replaced?

You can try that but if your check engine light is not on it won't help. Try to get the engine hot before you take it through emissions testing. If it still doesn't pass you w (MORE)

What is the Cost of state inspection for car in Texas?

state inspections are free if the vehicle is deemed salvage. Salvage vehicle are required to undergo a safety check by the state highway patrol before being titled.
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Why inspection is important.?

Inspection Is Most Important To Test Product Qualities Because In This Way, We Can Ensure That This Product Quality Is Good AS It Look Like. To Learn More About Inspections An (MORE)

How is a physical or emotional health state detected by the inspection of skin?

Inspection on of the skin can say a lot about the health of that  person. Dry skin can mean the person possibly has specific  diseases, or is over showering or using the wro (MORE)