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When was the medieval period in Britain?

There are two answers for this question, depending on how history is organized. In Britain, many historians regard the medieval period, or Middle Ages, as a time from 1066 to (MORE)

Does Great Britain have states?

Nope - Great Britain is divided into countries, which are further divided into counties. However - unlike american states, British counties do not set their own laws.
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Is Great Britain a state?

Great Britain is not a state, or a country or a nation. It is an island - one of the two large islands which make up The British Isles along with over 1000 small offshore is (MORE)

What was the life like for lady peasants in medieval Britain?

Lady Peasants is a contradictory term. Ladies were not peasants and  peasants were not ladies. A lady was a woman of high rank who had  servants to do things for her. Female (MORE)

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How is the power of the head of state in Britain?

The current Head of State in the UK is Queen Elizabeth II. Every new law passed by the UK Parliament must be signed by the queen before it can be enacted. This is known as The (MORE)