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What is the epicurean hypothesis?

First, thank you for asking this all important question. The  Epicuran Hypothesis was a philosophical question framed by  Epicurus, who lived circa 200 BCE. It is an importa (MORE)

Difference between statistics and statistic?

Statistics is the name of the subject. It is the general definition which deals with the collection, presentation and interpretation of data. On the other hand, statistic is a (MORE)

Difference between statistic and statistics?

A statistic is a distinct, descriptive value that has been acquired by some method (measured, counted, etc.). Statistics is the subjective and objective manipulation of the va (MORE)

If Relationship between statistical significance and rejectingaccepting an hypothesis?

I believe you asked for the relationship between "statistical significance" and hypothesis testing.   In hypothesis testing, we state the null and alternative hypothesis, t (MORE)
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What do you put in a hypothesis?

A hypothesis is an educated guess, therefore, you would put anything that you belive is true and you have possibly some background knowledge about it (give some reason why you (MORE)

What is a hypothesis and how do you test a hypothesis?

in science class to do labs or experiments we make a hypothesis which is basically a statement that we test about a subject. and my teacher stresses the fact that a hypothesis (MORE)

What is statistic?

A statistic is simply the count of something. Statistics (plural) is the count of something added to or compared to the count of something else. Jane has: 4 apples 6 bananas 2 (MORE)
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What is debt hypothesis?

Debt hypothesis is the hypothesis in which a person may go into or get out of debt. In other words, it's a theory an individual may come up with to measure ways to avoid or ge (MORE)