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What is familial short stature?

A condition characterized by height below the 3rd third percentilefor age, normal annual growth rate, normal bone age, family historyof short stature, expected adult height be (MORE)
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Are Americans getting shorter in stature and why?

Not really, what really happened is that countries like the Netherlands outgrew us much faster. As an example, they went up 8 inches in average height within 150 years, while (MORE)

What is a sentence for stature?

Detectives believed that only a person with considerable stature could've transported the victims to their resting place. It's surprising that someone with such high stature (MORE)

How do you put the word stature in a sentence?

Given her small stature, I'm sure the intruder had no trouble subduing her. When the CEO retires, it'll be hard to find someone of equal stature to replace him. Given hi (MORE)
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What is the adjective for stature?

I believe there isn't one, at the moment. You could coin the new adjective " staturesque " and most everyone would understand that you mean it to be the same as " prestigious (MORE)