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What does leave the status quo and reach upward to a higher place mean.?

  As this is placed in Christianity, I would interpret the quote to mean this. There is a better way than just following the crowd, the prevailing current wisdom, and just (MORE)

What does status quo mean?

The status quo is the present situation. If you are fighting  against the status quo, it means that you want things to change. If  you are trying to maintain the status quo, (MORE)
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What is the meaning of to challenge the status quo?

Status quo means the norm, the current state of affairs. So to challenge the status quo means to do something unexpected, out of the norm. To go against the grain. To rebel ag (MORE)

What was the band status quo?

Ststua quo are a british rock band which formed in 1966. Francis rossi and Alan Lancaster were the founders. With various changes in the band over the years they now have a li (MORE)