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Who creates statutes?

  It depends on where you live. The short answer is usually, in a republic, such as in the United States, statutes are created by the legislature and the executive. At the (MORE)
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What is a directory statute?

Directory statute is an enactment of a legislative body that indicates only what should be done, with no provision for enforcement. The provisions of a directory statute are a (MORE)

What is the Statute of labourers?

Well, the statute of labourers was a law passed by English government/Parliament to prevent the surviving peasants from freedom. The Statute of Labourers was an act passed b (MORE)

What was the Statute of Westminster?

In 1931, the British parliament passed the Statute of Westminster,  a law that gave formal recognition to all countries with Dominion  status full independence, stating that (MORE)

What is statute miles?

The name statute mile originates from a Statute of the  Parliament of England in 1592 during the reign of Elizabeth I. This  defined the statute mile as 5,280 ft or 1,760 ya (MORE)

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