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What is steampunk?

A genre of airships, gears, industries, and Victorian clothing.Musical artists that could be called SteamPunk include Abney Park,Emilie Autumn, Dr.Steel and Mister Joe Black. ( Full Answer )
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What is steampunk jewelry?

Jewelry styled after the steampunk culture. It's usually either Victorian themed, or mechanic themed. (The latter resembling the parts used in steam devices, such as gears, sp ( Full Answer )
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How to get steampunk mecha mechquest?

1. First get to level 20. 2. Then get 200,000 credits. (Diner Challenges, Sagas, et cetera will help.) 3. Go to Westion for 1000 credits or if you're a SC for free. 4. F ( Full Answer )
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Can you get a steampunk mecha in mechquest?

yes you can, just go to westion and finish repairing the train then ride it until you get to the destination, go left and there will be a hotel like building go in and then go ( Full Answer )
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What do you need to become steampunk?

Well... Clothing that has lots of excessive buckles zippers buttons strings top hats Victorian looking or inspired clothing -Google images will tell you alot...
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What was the first steampunk story?

This is difficult to say the first use of the word steampunk was in1987, but even then the was referring to older stories. A goodchunk of the difficulty is because the "first" ( Full Answer )
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Why did steampunk start?

A specific origin is hard to place. Steampunk is a genre of either litterature or media entertainment in which the setting is usually 19th century during the time of the 'stea ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of Steampunk?

Steampunk is a popular sub-genre of science fiction that focuses on alternate history, fashion, and technology. Steampunk fiction often takes place in the Victorian era, but ( Full Answer )
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What is a steampunk exibition?

In the steampunk exhibition, items related to steampunk era likeclothings, statues, paintings, weapons etc are displayed.