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Chmical reaction when stearic acid add KOH?

Stearic acid reacts with potassium hydroxide to form water and  potassium stearate. The reaction equation is C18H36O2 + KOH =  C18H35O2K + H2O.
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Where can you buy stearic acid?

You can buy stearic acid (regular vegetable based) at any candle or soap making supply store (many on internet). Some craft stores may have it, as well. You can buy it from ou (MORE)

What are the Affects of stearic acid in cigarettes?

There are several serious health effects of stearic acid from  cigarettes. It is contained in the smoke and can cause serious  respiratory issues, skin irritation, organ tox (MORE)

Does stearic acid contain pork?

stearic acid can come from pork. It is a fatty acid that is used in cosmetics.
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Is stearic acid a monomer or polymer?

It wouldn't generally be considered as either a polymer or a  monomer.   Stearic acid is a long chain (18 carbons long) carboxylic acid  (sometimes known as "fatty acid" (MORE)