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What is the life span of a koala?

Koalas can live up to 18 years for females and 12 years for males.  However, the average lifespan of a male koala in suburban areas is  closer to 2-3 years. It suffers a hig (MORE)

What is a clear span?

  Clear span is the distance between bearing walls. If you have two walls that are a total of 20 feet apart out-to-out, and they are both made of 8" block, the clear span (MORE)

What is span of management?

Simple meaning is - how many people are directly reporting to one manager. Span of management also known as span of control means how many subordinates are handled by a supe (MORE)

A sentence with span in it?

every animal or species has a different life span. The new bridge will span the river at Austin.
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What is span of management discuss factors affecting the span of management?

Also known as span of control, is a very important concept of organizing function of management. It refers to the number of subordinates that can be handled effectively by a s (MORE)

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What is the time span for the Medieval period?

410 AD to 1400. ----- The dates most commonly given by historians for the Middle Ages are 476 to 1453. Many historians point out that these dates are too precise, as they giv (MORE)
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What is a ruling span?

A line or section of a line between rigid points of attachment, on which conductors are free to move longitudinally at the supports, it is obtained by adding the average span (MORE)

What are life spans?

Life spans are how long the life of an animal can live. 1st Example: A goldfish has a lifespan of 2-5 years. 2nd Example: The life span of a butterfly is 1-2 years A life (MORE)
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What is life span of banyan tree?

The life span of the Banyan Tree is about 500 to 1000 years or  more. The life span is difficult to determine because the original  trunk is hidden by long roots that grow f (MORE)

How long is a clams life span?

It is hard to determine a clam's lifespan because they vary greatly  between type of clam and living condition. The oldest species of  clam is the quahog clam which can live (MORE)