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What is stellar nucleosynthesis?

Stellar nucleosynthesis is the process by which stars operate. Stars are massive nuclear fusion engines, and they consume hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, (MORE)

What are the 4 laws of stellar structure?

The 4 laws of stellar structures as stated in text is: 1. conservation of mass 2. conservation of energy 3. hydrostatic equilibrium 4. energy transport
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Relate the stellar temperature to the classification of a star?

Stellar classification is based on the analysis of light from  stars. The temperature from the photosphere of the star effects the  amount and types of ions and this is used (MORE)
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Which bests describes stellar equilibrium?

The balance between pressure caused by heat and gravity caused by  the star's mass.
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What is classification?

Classification means to put things into groups according to their  characteristics.   Living organisms are arranged in different groups due to their  similarities and di (MORE)
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What is the Stellar Nebula theory?

Also known as the nebular hypothesis, the solar nebula theory is a  widely accepted model explaining the formation and evolution of the  Solar System and throughout the univ (MORE)

What is stellar recycling?

Stellar recycling is the act of a supernova forming. A supernova is  a violent star explosion that completely destroys the star. The  star material is blown out into other r (MORE)

How do astronomers measure stellar distances?

They record the position of a star on the celestial sphere on a  certain date, and then wait for half a year, until the Earth  travels to the other side of Sun, and measure (MORE)