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What is a stellar nebula?

"Where stars are born.' is one correct Answer. Star Formations need Nebulous Sources. Actually they are mainly the remnants of novae or supernovae STELLAR EXPLOSI (MORE)

What does stellar mean?

The word stellar means of or relating to stars. It is also used to speak of some people (often entertainers) whose performance is brilliant -- like a bright star.

What is stellar equilibrium?

It means that the forces that tend to contract the star (gravity) and the forces that tend to make it bigger (gas pressure, radiation pressure) are in equilibrium, so that the (MORE)

What is stellar nucleosynthesis?

Stellar nucleosynthesis is the process by which stars operate. Stars are massive nuclear fusion engines, and they consume hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, (MORE)

Stellar in a sentence?

Stellar means exceptionally good or outstanding. An example of howto use it in a sentence is the contestant received stellar marksacross the board.

What is stellar recycling?

Stellar recycling is the act of a supernova forming. A supernova isa violent star explosion that completely destroys the star. Thestar material is blown out into other regions (MORE)
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What is an antonym for stellar?

the performance given by the actress at the theater was barely presentable, was substandard and routine, certainly not a stellar endeavor.

What is similar to stellar?

As in synonyms or rhyming? The latin root (stella stellae) means star so clearly synonyms mean star-like Rhyming words however are more diverse. Are marr par far czar car t (MORE)