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Is Stephen Colbert related to Claudette Colbert?

No, Claudette Colbert was only her stage name. Her real name was  Lily Claudette Chauchoin. 
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Is Stephen Colbert a Democrat or Republican?

  In 2004 he said:   "Listen, it's a secret ballot. Yeah, I'm a Democrat. I'm not asking anybody to vote for Democrats or Republicans. I say everyone should vote for bo (MORE)
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What Oscars did Claudette Colbert win?

Claudette Colbert was nominated for Oscar three times, but she only won once. Won - Best Actress in a Leading Role for: It Happened One Night (1934) Claudette Colbert was so c (MORE)

Where did Stephen Colbert go to college?

Stephen Colbert graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with a major in Communications. He performed at Second City, an improv theatre of sorts, in Chicag (MORE)

Is Stephen Colbert an atheist?

No, actually, though on television Stephen Colbert is playing a character who is very conservative, religious and self-righteous, this does not mean that his real personality (MORE)

What is Stephen?

Stephen is a king and means crown and is smart Stephen comes from the Greek name meaning "crowned one".
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