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Where are the Asia steppes?

Steppes are grasslands like a prairie with no or little trees. There are some in part of Russia which is in Asia. The is no mountain called Steppes, steppes are semi-arid gras (MORE)
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What is the steppe?

it is some thing that i do not know what is is so there is your answer . Improved answer from kuninaruto- Steppe is dry, grassed covered plains. Hope this helps. : (MORE)
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What is steppe climate?

get a life and the steppe climate is dry and wet but not to wet
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What is the endless steppe about?

how a girl (Ester) lives it is a true story and from the dairy of Anne Frank. The endess steppe is about a young girl, age 10, named esther. Shes goes through a lot of tough (MORE)
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What is an example of a steppe?

The Eurasian Steppe , or the Great Steppe or the steppes. . The Pannonian Plain steppe region in eastern Europe , primarily Hungary . The prairie steppe in the centra (MORE)
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Where is a steppe in the world?

You can find steppe in parts of the Mediterranean (typicaly the dryer parts) like Sicily Spain... In North America, places like Reno Nevada, and central parts of California. T (MORE)
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What are the Russian Steppes?

The plains stretching all over mid Russia consisting of green tall grasses and ocasional trees.
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What are names of steppes?

the mesoamerican and andros are two steppe that i know of Am not aware of individual names for the Steppes. It is the largegrassy area with rolling hills that stretches from (MORE)
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What are the Steppes in Kazakhstan?

It's part of the Great Eurasian Steppe . Semi-desert areas with grass and shrubs. There are no trees in the steppe apart from where there are lakes or rivers. The areas t (MORE)
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What is the capital of steppe?

Steppe is an ecoregion. It has no capital because it is not a political region and can be divided into many political regions which have capitals.