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What is a character stereotype?

For example if you are doing an epilogue and your "player" is an old man, what is the first thing you would do? Probably hunch your back and pretend to have a walking stick or (MORE)

What are stereotypes of the maritimes?

that we are lazy, poorly educated and mostly poor . that we all have careers in fishing or forestry. we all play the fiddle and Celtic music. we all talk in a Newfie Scottish (MORE)

How were stereotypes created?

Stereotypes were created since it is impossible to know everything about every single individual person of a certain group, so we make generalized assumptions of how someone l (MORE)

What are stereotypes of autism?

Well, there are few stereotypes of autism. One common stereotype is the autistic savant - many people think that every autistic has some area of incredible talent and is other (MORE)

Why is stereotyping wrong?

Stereotyping is the same thing as generalizing. When you stereotype you assume that everyone in a particular group, whether it be categorized by religion, ethnicity, region, (MORE)

How do you deal with stereotypes?

The best way to deal with stereotypes is with information. If solid facts are provided about a person, then the stereotype is disproven. Also, it's harder to discriminate agai (MORE)

What does 'stereotype' mean?

Stereotyping is a way of placing general characteristics on a certain group of people. Assumptions are made about how a group is supposed to look and behave. Stereotyping is o (MORE)

What can stereotypes lead to?

Stereotyping is categorizing a specific group of persons to have a trait(s). Most of the time society considers stereotypes to be a negative thing that leads to violence, sexi (MORE)

What is a stereotype statement?

A stereotype is a judgement about another based on suferficial details and common misconceptions. Saying people of a certain race or gender are more likely to do this or that (MORE)