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What is sterile gloving?

  The process of placing a sterile glove on each hand following a scrubbing handwashing process. This is to reduce infection during a intensive procedure, or one in which (MORE)
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What is flash sterilization?

Flash sterilization is a process used to clean objects. Rapid  penetration of steam is used to sterilize and clean the items.

Is blood sterile?

Yes it is. Among other regions such as the nervous system andthe muscles which are also sterile. . +++ . The materials themselves are, but they can carry pathogens thatmay n (MORE)
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What is a sterilizer?

A steriliser is something that destroys microorganisms in or on  something, usually by bringing to a high temperature with steam,  dry heat, or boiling liquid.
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What is sterilization and sterilization techniques?

Sterilization is a process of killing all microbes from a given surface or material or media. There arefour techniques 1.phsical 2.radiation 3.ultrasonic and 4.chmical method
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Can you sterilize needles without a sterilizer?

A sterilizer is something which sterilizes, so by definition no. However, alcoholic spirits, or to a some extent extreme heat, may just about do the trick if you don't have (MORE)
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What is sterile product?

sterile product are those products which are free from pyrogens and particulate is subjected to abminister in to the blood stream.
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What is batch sterilization?

Batch sterilization uses steam or direct firing to elevate the temperature, and then cooling water stops the process and brings the material back toward room temperature. Both (MORE)

What is the meaning of sterility?

  In women, sterility means that they are unable to conceive children. In men, sterility means that they are unable to make the woman conceive children. It can be caus (MORE)
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What is sterile?

  Answer   Two meanings to sterile, that I know of.   1. Completely clean, sanitized, free of bacteria. Must be done by boiling, disinfecting etc.   2. Unable (MORE)