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Are huarizos sterile?

Huarizo (cross of a male Alpaca and a female Llama) will be fertile. Each of the parent species have 37 pairs (74) of chromosomes so the offspring can 'match up' with other ha (MORE)

Are mules sterile?

All male mules are sterile. Some female mules are sub-fertile and can be stimulated to ovulate then crossed with a horse, donkey or other equid. This is typical of all mammali (MORE)
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What is sterilization and sterilization techniques?

Sterilization is a process of killing all microbes from a given surface or material or media. There arefour techniques 1.phsical 2.radiation 3.ultrasonic and 4.chmical method
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Was secretariat sterile?

No, he was not. Secretariat was successful as a stud, siring notable horses such as Terlingua and Lady's Secret, among many others.
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What is a bottle sterilizer?

In the context of child-care - it's a container (usually clear plastic) that the user fills with clean tap-water. The bottles are placed in the container - and sterilizing tab (MORE)
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Why are hybrids sterile?

Hybrids are often sterile because te set of chromosoms from one species cannot pair during meiosis with the set of chromosomes from the other species. ("Biology", Reece 7th ed (MORE)

What does sterilize mean?

  if you were to say im going to sterilize a bottle it would be to kill all ther germs on that item   if you were to say that animal was sterilized it means to remove (MORE)
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What is the term sterile?

The definition of the word sterile is something that is free from  living germs or bacteria. It can also be used to mean a living  thing that cannot reproduce. Sterile is so (MORE)

How do you achieve sterilization?

Annihilate all other living things and sunder all organic complexes. In a lab setting this can be well enough achieved by wiping down counter tops with alcohol, or mid-proced (MORE)
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How do we sterilize antibiotics?

Antibiotics are prepared in sterile environments and packaged  against contamination. In most cases, suspected contamination  results in the disposal of the medicine.
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