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How does a stethoscope work?

The stethoscope is a medical device for listening to internal sounds in the human body. There are two types of stethoscopes in use, acoustic and electronic. Commonly available (MORE)

How do you maintain your stethoscope?

  Some stethoscope manufacturers recommend that you clean your stethoscope with alcohol or soapy water, they also recommend keeping stethoscopes away from solvents. The f (MORE)

What are the parts of a stethoscope?

The parts of a stethoscope(distal to proximal) are:   1. Chest piece   2. Tubing   3. Ear tubes(binaural)   4. Ear pieces   5. (The most important part)  (MORE)

What are the parts of the stethoscope?

Headset: The headset is the metal part of the stethoscope onto which the tubing is fitted. The headset is made up of the two eartubes, tension springs and the eartips. Chest P (MORE)

Why is a stethoscope important?

A stethoscope helps to identify many medical issues from cardiovascular problems form murmurs to arrhythmia's it also lets a doctor listen for any respiratory problems like fl (MORE)

What is a Littmann stethoscope?

Something that causes pain to every purchasers wallet or bank account. Great quality piece of our job that can be done almost as clearly without that brand name because if an (MORE)

What is a Stethoscope?

A stethoscope is a medical device used to hear sounds from within the body. It consists of a cup-like "chestpiece" connected by air-filled rubber tubing to two earpieces. The (MORE)