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Is ted Allen Steve allens son?

No--and there's really no resemblance. Ted's father was Lowell Allen, a a partner in the firm now known as Price Waterhouse Coopers.
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Who was Allen ryu?

A genius 8th grader in Mississippi who loves doing math. He  finished 27th in the national MATHCOUNTS competition last year and  was a near miss USAJMO qualifier. His goals (MORE)

Who is Allen Payne?

  Allen is a male actor, he was born on July 7,1968 in Harlem,NY. He is black and his nationality is the United States. He is an actor that played in the "Cosby show"
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How did Ethan Allen do it?

When Ethan went to capture Fort Ticonderoga, their was only one soldier on guard. So that made it easy for Ethan Allen and his men. They captured the guard and walked up to th (MORE)

Who is Steve Perry?

Steve Perry is the Greatest singer of rock but sadly he retired of hip problems.go to and type in Steve Perry and listen to some songs.My fave is "When you lov (MORE)

What does Allen mean?

Allen is derived from Alan. Alan comes from the Celtic word alun which means "harmony."
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Were is Allen iverson?

After beginning the season with the Memphis Grizzles Allen Iverson was waived after just three games. While with Memphis he took several games off due to "personal reasons" He (MORE)
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Who was Allen Greene?

Allen Greene was Frank Darabont's agent and also a close personal friend. He died just before the completion of the movie due to AIDS complications.
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Did Steve Allen play the clarinet?

I don't believe he did, in actuality. Many remember his portrayal of Benny Goodman on screen. I think the piano was his medium. What's worthy of note is that Steve Allen was a (MORE)