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Was Steve McQueen a born again christian?

After the actor was diagnosed with mesothelioma, McQueen and his 3rd wife, Barbara Minty, became evangelical Christians and attended Ventura Missionary Church. Barbara wrote t (MORE)
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Where is Steve mcqueen buried?

Steve McQueen was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the ocean, as per several biographies.
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Did Steve mcqueen get along with paul newman?

Yes, there might have been some rivalry BUT after researching this I truly believe that the two men respected each other and new they were both talented and SUPER STARS.   (MORE)
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How did Steve mcqueen die?

On November 7th 1980 by cardiac arrest following operations to remove tumors from his abdomen. This after developing mesothelioma which he apparently attributed to exposure to (MORE)

How did Steve mcqueen get mesothelioma?

Steve McQueen got mesothelioma from dealing with asbestos while he served in the military. McQueen served in the Marine Corps from 1947 until 1950. In that time, he removed as (MORE)
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Why was Steve mcqueen famous?

He was a well liked actor. He was the star of a movie titled Bullet   and The Great Escape
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