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Who is Alexander McQueen?

Alexander McQueen was a famous British fashion designer, mostly known for his abstract fashion shows. His death was announced on the 11th of February 2010. Sources say it ma (MORE)

Steve McQueen rode which brand of bike in The Great Escape?

TT Special 650 Triumph   For the filming of the climactic scene in The Great Escape in which Steve (as Virgil Hilts) hijacks a German warbike and becomes the center of one (MORE)
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What make of bike did Steve McQueen ride in The Great Escape?

  From Hilts's dash by motorcycle for the border is fictional. It was made on the insistence of McQueen, a keen (MORE)
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How did Steve mcqueen die?

On November 7th 1980 by cardiac arrest following operations to remove tumors from his abdomen. This after developing mesothelioma which he apparently attributed to exposure to (MORE)

Did Steve McQueen really sing in the movie Baby the rain must fall?

He most definitely did not! The actual singer was Billy Strange! You can Google him to see what a great career he had!! I have seen comments on line that Glenn Yarborough sang (MORE)

What movie did Steve McQueen play in that was a racing movie with a dodge challenger?

That would probably be "Bullitt," which is a crime drama. McQueen is driving a fastback Mustang. He is stalked by bad guys in a black 1970 Challenger, but he turns the table a (MORE)