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What were the results of the Paxton Boys?

The actions of the Paxton's boys led to two important things. First, it was seen as a measure of the hostilities that stood in between the Native American Indians and the fron (MORE)
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What was the cause of the march of the Paxton Boys?

The March of the Paxton Boys was a direct result of the growing  anger of Frontiersmen toward Indians, in response to the government  indifference to complaints by the Front (MORE)

Is Paxton in Florida or Alabama?

There is not a Paxton in Alabama but there is a Paxton Florida and a:   * Paxton California,  * Paxton, Georgia,  * Paxton, Illinois  * Paxton, Indiana,  * Paxton, Kans (MORE)

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What is Tom Paxton famous for?

Tom Paxton, a legendary, classic American Folk music artist, is most famous for his Political Protest Songs. Such songs include, Lyndon Johnson told the nation, A Thousand yea (MORE)