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What happens when a population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?

The phenotype frequency does not change.   The distribution of alleles does not change from one generation to  the next.   What happens when a population is in Hardy- (MORE)

What are the 5 hardy-weinberg principals?

The five Hardy-Weinberg principles for non-evolving populations are extremely large population size, no gene flow, no mutations, random mating, and no natural selection. An ex (MORE)

What is the Hardy-Weinberg law of genetic equilibrium?

n. A fundamental principle in population genetics stating that the genotype frequencies and gene frequencies of a large, randomly mating population remain constant provided i (MORE)

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What does the Hardy Weinberg principle predict?

The Hardy-Weinberg principle predicts that the frequencies of alleles and genotypes in a population will not change unless at least one of five force acts acts upon the popula (MORE)
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Why is Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (invented by British mathematician Godfrey Hardy and German physician Wilhelm Weinberg) is when a population isn't evolving and meets the following (MORE)