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Why is semen sticky?

Because there is a small amount of mucus and sugar in semen, thus making it slimy and sticky. It helps the sperm maneuver around better.

What is a sticky forum?

When a Forum Thread is made 'Sticky' is stays at the top of that Forum 'category' and this is normally done by Forum Moderators.
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Why are sticky notes sticky?

They have an adhesive on part of the back. The adhesive is generally not strong enough to make a good glue, but it's tacky enough to make a decent temporary attachment. Low M (MORE)

Why is molasses sticky?

Cause pink and ocean dolphins mate over the molasses seaweed. Molasses comes from a seaweed found in coral reefs of the pacific Ocean. People often mistake molasses for being (MORE)
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Why is sticky rice sticky?

So it sticks together. If you're from a culture that uses chopsticks, eating rice would be very hard if the grains were entirely seperate. It'd be a lot of hard work. So in th (MORE)

Where did the phrase sticky sticky no sticky no sticky come from?

I read in Readers Digest a long time ago that it was a Native American saying about snow conditions but I remember it as "sticky no sticky no sticky sticky". And meaning if th (MORE)
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How is a sticky note sticky?

The sticky note is stick because the people who make the sticky note make it sticky on the back so they will stick to stuff like desk, walls, ect...

Is sticky an adjective?

yes. because you never really say... "OMG! LOOK AT THE STICKY!" that is if it were a noun... or... "LOOK HOW WELL HE CAN STICKY! it being used as a verb. so obviously it's not (MORE)