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Is petrol sticky?

Petrol is a term that makes up many different products. The products are made from petroleum or crude oil. These products have qualities that make them slick rather than stick (MORE)

Why is glue sticky?

Glues like the ones used at school are made up of long chains called polymers, which are a bit like spaghetti strands. When you glue 2 pieces of paper together the polymers ge (MORE)

Why are slugs sticky?

Answer   Slugs' bodies are made up mostly of water, and without a full-sized shell to retreat into, their soft tissues are prone to desiccation. They must generate protec (MORE)

What does sticky keys do?

There are people with limited use of their fingers who can't hold  down more than one key at a time. This makes it hard for them to  issue a Print (command-P) or New Documen (MORE)

Why is the stigma sticky?

  The stigma is sticky so that it can pick up the pollen grains easier, or, in other words, so that the pollen wll stick to it.
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What is a sticky forum?

  When a Forum Thread is made 'Sticky' is stays at the top of that Forum 'category' and this is normally done by Forum Moderators.
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Why is ice sticky?

Your body is mostly made of water. When you touch a very cold object, for example ice or metal, it freezes the water in your fingers and the object together. This can only hap (MORE)

What is sticky keys?

Sticky keys are (shift, ctrl, Alt) basically this is used by handicap person.They dont have to press combination keys at same time first u can press one key give a pause press (MORE)

Why is syrup sticky?

It is mainly because of the main ingredients, sugar and water inside it. Sugar becomes sticky when mixed with water.
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Why is semen sticky?

Because there is a small amount of mucus and sugar in semen, thus making it slimy and sticky. It helps the sperm maneuver around better.
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