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What makes lip gloss sticky?

A lip-gloss that is sticky usually has less oils compared to waxes in it. Certain ingredients a company uses will also make a lip-gloss "sticker". If you mix in oil, such as c (MORE)
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What is Sticky bit?

The "Sticky bit" in a unix or Linux filesystem was originally designed to tell the OS to keep the program in cache, even after it loaded, so it would "stick" in memory. Althou (MORE)

Why is water 'sticky'?

The "stickiness" of water on the molecular level is due to something called intermolecular forces, specifically hydrogen bonding in the case of water. In a single molecule o (MORE)
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What are sticky ends?

the enzymes cause sticky ends to form ------------------------------------------------ the question is WHAT ARE STICKY ENDS, not how are sticky ends formed. the answer i (MORE)

Why is there sticky urine comimg out?

Since most people do not touch urine, most people don't ever notice the texture or feel of urine. Urine concentration can change how "sticky" it feels or seems. Dehydration ca (MORE)

How do you disable Sticky Keys?

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Accessibility Options. Until this last option, uncheck the box marked "Use StickyKeys". Another strategy is to press "Shift" 5 times t (MORE)

What is a sticky belt?

Sticky Belt is A belt for your shirt it is made of a nylon material with tiny hooks on one side and a soft nappy material on the other similar to but is not Velcro it is 1" wi (MORE)