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Why do dogs go stiff when they die?

Dogs go stiff when they die due to a process called rigor mortis, a condition in which the muscles temporarily stiffen after death. But dogs are not the only ones that go thro (MORE)

What are the reasons for stiffness in human body?

When our muscles don't come in work they do not burn lipids to produce energy.So our body can't burn lipids to produce energy .so we feel our body not functioning very good du (MORE)

What are some remedies for a stiff neck?

Gently massage the area to loosen up the tight muscles.    Apply ice pack if it is new, or apply hot water fomentation if it  is present for a few days.    If i (MORE)

What is stiffness of epoxy resin?

It depends on the resin; most exhibit a Young's modulus between 100,000 and 1,000,000 psi at room temperature.
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Difference between strength stiffness?

Strength and stiffness are not the same thing. Here's an analogy: A rubber band is stretched to failure. The rubber band failed at five pounds of force, but it stretched more (MORE)

As we get older why do are bones get stiff and achey?

Throughout your life, your bones are always moving. Even when you are asleep you move around. Between the joints in your body are layers of protective material, called cartill (MORE)

What is spring-stiffness?

Spring stiffness is a property that relates load to deflection. Let k = stiffness and P = load and x = deflection, then P = kx The stiffer the spring, k, the smaller the defle (MORE)
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What is the stiffness for an apex 3 shaft?

They are a lighter shaft. Apex 3=Dynalite Gold r300(reg). So  similar to a light version of r300.   Apex 4 =Dynalite Gold s300(stiff). So similar to a light version of  (MORE)

How do you massage a stiff neck by yourself?

If you are going to try to help yourself with a massage for a stiff neck, it is probably wise to first apply an ice pack to the area of greatest pain for 20 minutes. Or you mi (MORE)