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What is the meaning of 'stiff-necked' in the Bible?

The term originated in ancient Israel. The farmers would plow their fields by using oxen. If the ox didn't want to follow the guidance of the farmer it would stiffen the muscl (MORE)

What is the difference between hardness and stiffness?

Stiffness is a resistance to deformation in response to a force, as  opposed to flexibility. Hardness is a more broad concept, relating  to how resistant the material is to (MORE)

Did stiff-necked in the Bible have to do with oxen?

Only in the sense of being unbending just as the yolk which was a stiff piece of timber used over the necks of the oxen to tie them together was stiff and hard. In this sense (MORE)

Can you get more distance with a stiff shaft?

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the way you swing. It is widely believed that a slow swinger would get more distance with a softer shaft. Flex only determines where the clubfa (MORE)
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What is a stiff heart?

Cardiac amyloidosis or "stiff heart syndrome" is a disorder that is  caused by abnormal protein deposits in the heart tissue, making it  difficult for the heart to function (MORE)
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What is the Flexural stiffness?

The flexural stiffness of a structural beam (E*I/L) is represented as the product of the modulus of elasticity (E) and the second moment of area (I) divided by the length (L) (MORE)

What is spring-stiffness?

Spring stiffness is a property that relates load to deflection. Let k = stiffness and P = load and x = deflection, then P = kx The stiffer the spring, k, the smaller the defle (MORE)