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What is stigma?

In music, Stigma is Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front solo band. In psychology, stigma is negative attitudes attached to a mental disorder.
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What is the function of stigma?

It is the top of the pistal on the flower so when the wind blows the anther lets go of the sperm and it hit the stigma.... and the stigma helps it hold on
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What is the function of the stigma?

The term appears in flower morphology . it is that part of the carpel or Pistil or the female reproductive part of a flower that receives pollen grains and stimulates them to ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of the stigma?

The purpose of the stigma is transportation. It transports thepollen to the ovum so that it is able to be fertilized.
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What is the stigma of a plant?

The stigma of a plant is the tip of a carpel that receives pollen.In most plants, the surface of the stigma will be wet and sticky.
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What is stigma of a flower?

it is the female reproductive organ on a plant. it takes in pollen and sends it down the style to get fertilized in the ovary.
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What is a plant stigma?

hi there the male parts of the plant: anther, filament, pollen female parts: stigma, style, ovules, ovuary first the pollen from the anther, which is the top stem, i ( Full Answer )
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What is the stigma of a daffodil?

The stigma is the female receptical of the daffodil flower. Locatedin the exact center of the flower it sits atop a style whichconnects it to the ovule. Covered in a sticky su ( Full Answer )
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Why stigma is sticky?

The stigma of a flower is sticky in order to trap the pollen grains that land on them and prepare them for pollination.