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What is stilt root?

mangroves have stilt roots. mangroves grow in soil which is clayey and covered with salty water. stilt roots support the stem and take in air directly from the surroundings.

How do you get on the stilts?

When first learning, it is best to use a very low setting on the stilts and start seated high so that you can stand naturally. Practice walking while holding onto a fence, wal (MORE)
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What is stilt fishing?

Stilt fishing is fishing in reletively shallow water on a platform made up of a stilt. This is a common method employed by Sri Lankan fisherman when fishing in or arround reef (MORE)

How do you spell stilt?

That is the correct spelling of "stilt" -- normally plural as "stilts" (extension poles for the legs).
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What is Stilt Walking?

stilts are big tall sticks with a rod sticking out part way up which u stand on and walk it is a lot harder than u think tho
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Can stilts fly?

YES, I have had stilts fly out from under my feet. Since this is in animal life, if you mean cranes, (birds) please restate.
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What is stilt root-?

Stilt roots are roots that do not penetrate deeply in the soil and  are mostly found in rainforest with poor nutrient.mangroves have  this root