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What is stilt floor?

Stilts of Stilt floor - Stilts or stilt floor means ground level portion of a building consisting of structural column supporting the super structure done without any enclosur (MORE)
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Why are the homes in the tundra built on stilts?

Assam is a flood prone area and is hit by floods during the majority of the year. Thus, the houses in Assam are built on stilts so as to ensure that the houses are not destroy (MORE)
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Where would you find houses on stilts?

Houses such as these will most likely be found near water where the ground is not solid enough for a foundation to be built; sandy areas or swamps. If you take a drive along t (MORE)

How much do power stilts cost?

power stilts are the same as jumping stilts, either way most of them cost around $250 dollars, because they like just came out
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What brand of jumping stilts are the best?

 Allstilts are the best brand of Jumping stilts.Allstilts offers  bouncing stilts with free shipping which you can use for jump,  bounce. We also offer stilts for kids, a (MORE)