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What is faradic stimulation?

it is a shor t duration interrupted direct current,with a pulse duration of 0.1-1 ms.a frequecy of 50-100hz. -it is unevenly alterntaing current,each cycle consisting of2 u ( Full Answer )
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What do stimulants do?

Stimulants increase everything in the body. They up all the signals and signs int he body.
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Is amphetamine a stimulant?

it highly is, amphetamine works on a chemicla level in the brain that produces hormones that stimulates areas in the brain, so that you are convinced that you are not tired an ( Full Answer )
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Is ethanol a stimulant?

Ethanol is a CNS depressant. It is only thought to be stimulating when individuals experience its disinhibiting properties and confuse this with CNS stimulation (which does no ( Full Answer )
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Is oxycodone a stimulant?

Technically it is an opiate, and often considered a narcotic and adepressant. With high doses, it will likely make you sleepy andeven unconscious. But if taken in small doses ( Full Answer )
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Why is Crack a stimulant?

Have you eaten any chocolate or drunk any soda lately? If you have, there's a good chance you gave your body a dose of a stimulant -- caffeine, which is also in coffee. Eati ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of a stimulant?

The function of a stimulant is to speed up your metabolism which stimulates your heart and other muscles.
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What is stimulent?

Stimulants are also known as "uppers" or psychostimulants. It enhances the activity of central and peripheral nervous systems.
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How do you stimulate her?

There are only 2 places on her body to stimulate her. 1.Her boobies. Just touch and tickle them. 2. Her v. Just be creative.
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What is a stimulation?

stimulation can be in many forms like drug stimulation or the most common electrical stimulation this is caused by electricity coursing through you causing muscle retraction a ( Full Answer )