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What to do after a wasp sting?

wasp sting is alkaline therefore an acid should treat it. put vinegar/lime on it and u'll be fine ( these are acidic) * acids neutralize alkali that will help but you should (MORE)

What to do if you have a bee sting?

if it is a bee sting it is an acid sting so then put vinegar an alkilie will level out the ph [the level of intensity in acid s and alkilies] and if it is a wasp sting put lem (MORE)
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Why do sting rays sting?

Sting rays sting if they feel threatened, this is in there nature because they are eaten by hammerhead sharks (sting rays main predator) in other words if you put your hand ov (MORE)

Where do catfish sting you?

Catfish do not have a stinger. If you catch a catfish they have a barb at the base of their dorsal fin (the one on their back) that can stab your hand pretty good though.
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How do you take the sting out of a bee sting?

Hopefully you used a card or something similar to "flick" off the remainder of the stinger. If you were like me and simply pulled it out with tweezers, then you have injected (MORE)

How do you get rid of a stinging nettle sting?

you can't. Actually, you can. The dock plant almost always grows near patches of stinging nettle. The natural sap within the dock weed plant has an analgesic effect. Find a (MORE)

Can moths sting?

  Qs a rule no they are totally harmless, However there are a view in the south American rain forest that you have to watch out for.
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