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If you give something up for Lent can you have it on Sundays?

Catholic AnswerFirst, giving up something for Lent is entirely voluntary, there are no Church regulations about it whatsoever. Second, Sundays have never been considered a day (MORE)

What does it mean to stir up a hornets nest?

To stir up the hornets nest is a figure of speech which means to initiate a crisis or an issue, or to cause trouble for yourself. ---- Hornets can be very defensive of their n (MORE)
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If 20 June is a Sunday what will 1 July be?

the answer is Thursday because there are 30 days in June so you add ten from June and add 1 from July so that is eleven alltogether. Then you add eleven days from Sunday to Th (MORE)
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Why does stirring speed up a reaction?

Stirring increases the surface area of the two reactants, so there will be more exposed surface area for the reactants to react and form new substances.
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Does UPS ship on Sundays?

They do ship travelling packages on Sundays such as air flight or by truck but does not deliver on Sundays.
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What is a stir-up on a horse?

A stirrup is not a part of a horse, but rather a part of a saddle that a horse wears. Stirrup leathers are leather strips with holes punched every inch, in which a buckle fits (MORE)