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What is a stir drum?

Answer . \nA stir drum is a wooden instrument made up of differing lengths of wood completing a circle. The bottom is solid and there is no top. The varied sizes of woode (MORE)
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Can you stir a solid?

yes, to a certain degree. Stirring can be used to move and combine any mixture, regardless of the phase, assuming the two do not either react or dissolve.

What is stir for cooking?

'Stir' is the term used when you are mixing a substance in cooking. You take a spoon (preferably a spoon) and move it in a circular motion. Hope I helped!
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Is stir a noun?

Yes, the word stir is both a noun (stir, stirs) and a verb (stir, stirs, stirring, stirred). The noun stir is a singular, common noun, a word for a state of disturbance, (MORE)