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What is a stir drum?

  Answer     A stir drum is a wooden instrument made up of differing lengths of wood completing a circle. The bottom is solid and there is no top. The varied si (MORE)
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What Are Stirrings in The Giver?

Stirrings are feelings of "wanting." The additional implications are that they occur at the onset of puberty, and involve the first sexual feelings of adolescence. When Jonas (MORE)
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How long do you stir paint?

First, turn it upside down (make sure the lid is secure). Leave for 15 minutes. Stir with a paint stick or wooden spoon until all swirls are gone and it looks even. Usually ab (MORE)
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Why do you need to stir the water in the calorimeter?

You need to stir the water because the heat energy coming off whatever you put into the calorimeter (whether it be food, metal, etc.) won't evenly distribute its heat througho (MORE)

USE OF stirring rod?

used to stir two or more chemicals   It's also used in decanting (which is a fancy chemistry way of saying "pouring").
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Why is stir fry healthy?

Stir Fry is usually veggies with oil and meat. Everything is heated  but not cooked through for a long time. That means all good things  like vitamins and minerals are still (MORE)