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What are stocks?

In simple language, stocks are shares in the ownership of acompanies. Stocks represents a claim on the company's assets andearnings. As you acquire more stock, your ownership ( Full Answer )
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What is stock?

Stock is an investment tool. You buy stocks from the stock market. As time progresses, these stocks can either gain of lose value. You can sell back you stocks to gain or lose ( Full Answer )
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What is a stock?

"A stock" can mean many things, here are some: A certificate of ownership in a company. The wooden part of a shotgun An item on a shop shelf A stump The stem of a plant A line ( Full Answer )
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What is stocking?

Stocking can be work that is done to keep items carefully on hand, such as stocking the shelves in a grocery store or the shelves in your pantry. The act of building up an amo ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a stock?

You are able to trade using a website called e-trade. It allows you to trade freely and as much as you can according to your budget!
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Where can you get stockings?

I doubt this answers you Question but you can get them at walmart usually during the Christmas season. You can get socks there at any part of the year. And you can get s ( Full Answer )
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Who can not by stocks?

There really isn't a limit. Actually I am about to open a portfolio myself. I'm still a kid! Of course I will still have help from others but you can open them when ever you w ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get stockings?

You can get stockings from any shop which deals in the sale of lingerie or wide range of women's clothing. Sometimes the shops which sell normal women's wear may not sell stoc ( Full Answer )
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When the stock market crashed stocks did what?

Between October, 1929 and July, 1932, stock prices tracked by the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined by 89%.