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Why there is Philippine Stock Exchange?

The Philippine stock exchange acts as an intermediary between the  public individuals who have capital and the companies that need  capital. The companies raise capital by o (MORE)

What is the Philippine stock exchange?

The Philippine stock exchange is a facility in the Philippines where stock in various companies can be bought and sold. It is one of the oldest stock exchanges in Southeast As (MORE)

What is the stock exchange?

The stock exchange is a place where stocks, bonds, or other securities are bought and sold. A centralized location was needed for people to go to to do this, because mass co (MORE)

How many stock exchanges in India?

For some reason, two, the NSE and the BSE. NSE is the National Stock Exchange, BSE is the Bombay Stock Exchange. A Stock Exchange is the place where investors go to buy/sell (MORE)

Functions of stock exchange?

1 .Provides ready and continuous market 2. Provides information about prices and sales 3. Provides safety to dealings and investment: 4. Helps in mobilisation of savings (MORE)

How do you calculate stock exchange indexes?

i want to know how can i made stock exchange indexes Criteria's to select 50 or 30 Companies among NSE / BSE list of Companies· BSE Listed Companies as on 05 - 10 - 2011 is (MORE)

What is the roll of SEBI in stock exchange?

SEBI is the regulatory body of the Stock Markets in India. It registers and regulates the functioning of various intermediaries viz, Stock exchanges, Depositories, Merchant Ba (MORE)