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What is stoicism?

The philosophy of stoicism as espoused by the Greeks (notably Zeno, 334 BC-262 BC) saw negative emotions as failures to act with wisdom and virtue. They believed that virtue a (MORE)

Who founded stoicism?

Stoicism is a school of philosophic thought founded during the  Hellenistic civilization time. This particular school of thought,  founded by Zeno of Citium, taught that emo (MORE)

What is the opposite to stoicism?

Probably dramatic or animated.If you mean: what philosophy is the  opposite of the Stoic philosophy, the answer is Epicureanism.
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What does Stoicism have to do with Christianity?

Stoics believed that one should not be too sad or too happy. In Christianity, this is shown in the Bible, when David is full of himself while watching a woman bathe. It is bel (MORE)

Why were the Romans attracted to the philosophy of Stoicism?

Stoicism was not the most influential philosophical school only among the Romans. It was so among the Greeks as well. Stoicism became the foremost philosophy among the Greek (MORE)