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What is the purpose of the stoma?

Note: Stoma is a term that is both common in medical as well as botanical fields. This is the MEDICAL definition of Stoma. Please refer to the related questions for the bot ( Full Answer )
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What is a stoma?

"Stoma" comes from Greek, meaning: mouth. It usually indicatesopenings, sometimes other than mouths. A stoma is a surgically created opening on the abdomen which allowsstool ( Full Answer )
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What is the stoma?

A Stoma is an opening, either naturally or surgically created, which connects the portion of the body cavity to the outside environment.
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Function of stoma?

The stoma is a small opening on the epidermis of a leaf. Thefunction of the stoma is to allow for the exchange of gases such ascarbon dioxide, water vapor and oxygen.
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What is the job of the stoma?

The job of the stoma is to provide an opening for waste to beexcreted from the body.
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What is a stoma composed of?

A stoma or ostomy is a pink and moist hole in the stomach madeunder surgical procedure. Stoma has three types which are: thecolostomy, ileostomy and the urostomy
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What causes the stoma on a leaf to open?

The stomata are controlled by a pair of guard cells, which are specialized parenchyma cells. When it is humid and bright outside, a proton pump expels protons from the guard c ( Full Answer )
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What is a stoma made of?

the stoma is made of two guard cells that open to let in Co 2 and close on hot days to slow down transpiration
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What can describe a stoma?

you must describe the ... Size, Site, Colour of the secretions coming out of it, Amout, consistency, Number of opening in the abdomen, skin surrounding it...
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What is stoma and the function?

Stoma are found in the leaves and stems of many plants, and its primary function as we know today is for gaseous exchange, specifically the stomata allow for easy passage of o ( Full Answer )