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Who was Stonewall Jackson?

Stonewall Jackson was a leading Confederate general during theCivil War. He was loved by his staff and men and was a devout Christian,proven by the fact that he would report (MORE)

Who was stonewall?

"StoneWall Jackson" real name is Thomas Jackson who was on the Confederacy/southern side of the Civil War. He earned his name from standing still in the middle of a battle fie (MORE)

What is Stonewalling?

Answer . Stonewalling means killing time. It's an old expression not often used these days but it still means the same.. It means you are setting conditions and refusing t (MORE)

What was the Stonewall Brigade?

This brigade was comprised of the 2nd,4th,5th,27th and 33rd Virginia Regiments. It was the brigade commanded by Gen.Thomas"Stonewall" Jackson. It was eventually disbanded with (MORE)

Where did Stonewall Jackson get the name stonewall?

At the First Battle of Bull Run, when a Confederate Brigadier called Barnard Bee shouted "There is Jackson standing like a stone wall!" It is not clear whether he was praisin (MORE)