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What is a stool sample?

It is a faeces (poo) sample, which can be used by a biomedicalscientist to determine the cause of diarrhoea for instance, ordetect the presence of occult (hidden) blood.
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What is a stool?

ANSWER: Stool is feces (poop) the soil that comes out of your anus, from your colon. If you need a stool sample that means that they want a sample of feces (poop). just sme (MORE)

What are stools?

Stools are high chairs that are usally seen in bars and in kitchens. Stools are also another name for fecal matter.

What is a loose stool?

A stool that is too liquid to form a constant shape, e.g. diarrhea.. loose stools are stools that are not pure water but they are not formed stools that come out usually in o (MORE)

Where are stools?

\n. \nstool\nPronunciation (stūl)\nFont Size\n. \n1. A discharging of the bowels.\n2. The matter discharged at one movement of the bowels. Syn: evacuation (2)\n. \nSyn: (MORE)

What is a dog stool?

A dog stool is a sample of the dogs waste that veterinarians use to tell if the dog is sick. A "stool" is a lump of faeces (sh*t).
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What are bloody in the stools?

It could be just a sign of dryness where lack of fluid intake, but need further check up with professional doctor for assurance.