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What does 'You did not stoop' mean?

Stoops is a hunting technique adopted by a bird of prey. It refers to the action of swooping downwards to catch its prey. Whilst performing this motion the bird folds its wing (MORE)
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What does 'stoop' mean?

It is a verb meaning to bend over. It is also a noun meaning the porch of a house.
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What is the origin of stoop?

The origin of the word stoop is Middle English and is derived fromthe word stoupen. This word was first used sometime in the early12th century.
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Short summary of she stoops to conquer?

She stoops to Conquer is a comedy by the Irish author Oliver Goldsmith. The play was initially titled as Mistakes of a Night and the events in the play, indeed, happen duri (MORE)
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What is a stoop?

A stoop is a slang word for steps in front of house. Very popular word used in NYC.
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Is stooped an adverb?

No. It is a verb form, the past tense and past partciple of theverb (to stoop) and is used as an adjective (e.g. stooped posture).
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What does stoop posture means?

It means when a person assume a stiff, flexed posture when bending forwards e.g. to lift a weight or while walking. It is generally due to rigidity or increased muscular tone (MORE)
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What is stooped down?

The word 'stooped' is a verb , the past tense of the verb to stoop.. The word 'down' is an adverb , modifying the verb 'stooped'..