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What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion is a series of still picture taken with a digital camera or webcam streamed together which causes it to look like it's moving. Somethings made using stop motion is (MORE)

How do you do stop motion?

Stop Motion refers to an animation process whereby the animator moves a inanimate object by small increments while taking a snapshot / photograph at each new position.   Re (MORE)

What is stop motion photography?

    Stop motion photography is when you take a picture of an object and then take another picture of the same object in a slightly different position. If you repeat th (MORE)

What is motion stopped and started by?

Force. The stronger the force opposing the motion, the quicker the moving object will stop. The stoping force is usually supplied by a braking system of some sort. The force o (MORE)

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How does stop motion animation work?

Stop motion is an animation technique that makes an object that would require physical manipulation to be able to move on its own. The object is moved in small measurements b (MORE)