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How do you stop procrastinating?

1. Determine why you procrastinate. 2. See if there is a way to set realistic expectations for whatever project you are on. Also, see if there is a way to make the project l (MORE)
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Where were the stops that the titanic stopped at?

departed from Southampton, England April 10th, 1912 stopped at Cherbourg, France that evening stopped at Queenstown (now Cobh) Ireland noon next day destination: NYC Never rea (MORE)
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Do you say stop by or stop bye?

Stop by, becasue you want them to come by and say hi or something but when you say "bye" it's as if they are leaving so you are saying good bye to them

How did slavery stop and who put a stop to it?

Slavery was stopped by Francis Douglas Burns in 1805. It was stopped when francis put up a proposal to the king. This was accepted and to have a slave was outlawed. Which mean (MORE)

If your brain stops will your heart stop?

Answer  Yes. Your brain controls everything, including the heart, so if the brain stops, then you will forget how to breath.  Answer  If your brain completely stops functio (MORE)

How can you stop Ebola?

Currently there is no medicine that can be used to treat it. Our best way of fighting it is to keep the patient hydrated and allow his/her own immune system to fight it. Howev (MORE)

How can you stop an overdose?

drink alot of milk and water and within 30 mins. of overdosing puke/vomit drink milk constantly but call poison controll or go to the hospital cuz this isn't 100% effective