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Can you stop global warming and when can it stop?

You and I and all of our friends are no match for the billions of"other Consumers" who wolf-down Consumer Products - when can itstop? Only a crisis will serve. Recalls a song (MORE)
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If something stops stopping has it stopped?

In scientific terms, no. Being on a planet, you are moving in three ways. You are moving in your own physical way (walking, running, etc.), being spun around by the Earth's ro (MORE)

Where to stop for a stop sign in Ontario?

At the white line or the nearest line of the crosswalk. If there is no line, then at an imaginary stop-line extending out from the stop sign. You may ALSO need to stop at a po (MORE)

What is stop stop stop stop touching your lower parts?

If you mean how to stop touching your "private parts" as little kids would say xD to stop touching yourself you have to do things to distract you from wanting to do that,such (MORE)
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Do you say stop by or stop bye?

Stop by, becasue you want them to come by and say hi or something but when you say "bye" it's as if they are leaving so you are saying good bye to them